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20/11/2018 12:15

Bank operating systems are often complex and dated, leading to questions as to whether we are about to see a surge in core processor outsourcing. We think there is unlikely to be a “big bang” moment for core replacement in the near-term as the banking industry is still waiting for a true cloud-based solution.   

18/10/2017 12:55

China’s shadow finance system is often likened to a black hole, one that involves a confusing hodge podge of acronyms, and becomes more complex and opaque each year.  This video explains how the shadow credit system works in China, and why we think ‘Wealth Management Products’ could be ticking time bombs.

02/08/2017 11:30

Who’s afraid of PSD2? In Europe, perhaps e-commerce payment service providers and banks should be. It stands for Revised Payment Services Directive and we think it could trigger disruptive and transformative changes to retail banking and retail payments in Europe, which we dive deeper into within our Full Report (for Autonomous clients) and as illustrated in this short video produced by the Autonomous Payments team.

28/07/2016 06:00

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